» Documentation

Big thanks goes out to Sander "Nakebod" Rutten from The Netherlands for making the documentation for
running->running the software
         logging in for the first time
The rest will be up as soon as i got time to write it.
[+] installing
-ssl certificate

[+] running
-starting the software
-logging in for the first time
-different ways of logging in
-updating users settings

[+] commands
-pb set
-pb list
-pb del
-pb myinfo
-pb uptime

-pb aset
-pb stats
-pb kick
-pb banchan
-pb unbanchan
-pb find
-pb check
-pb info
-pb ban
-pb unban
-pb addhost
-pb delhost
-pb allmsg
-pb trail
-pb untrail
-pb admin
-pb adduser
-pb deluser

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