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Current version: 0.18-beta - changelog

Whats this
This is a IRC bouncer/bnc (proxy) in php-cli.

Brief info
Why am i doing this?
Its pretty simple, I was using the bnc "epsilon" from endpoint for a pretty long time, I thought it worked well but at the same time it felt like it was missing some features that I was in need of so the thought hit me, im a web-developer so why cant I make one in PHP?

Ive always been missing a few features in epsilon that psybnc had, but im not that big of a fan of psybnc for different reasons... so why not make a combo?

Instead of me writing the whole list again you can just check out the admin and user menu to the top right in the screenshot section.

[X] Full SSL Support
     (Client <- SSL -> BNC <- SSL -> Server)
[X] Syschan
[X] BNC basic functions
[X] mIRC & irssi functional (havent tried other clients)
[X] blowfish encryption support for channels and querys
     built in (no more need of addons to mirc or irssi)
[X] Limitation of how many connections per vhost
[X] Admin functions
[X] Save channelposts while offline
[ ] Multiple networks on the same account
    (scheduled to 0.50-beta)
[*] Linking between bnc servers
    (scheduled to 2.00-beta)

X = coded and fully working
\ = almost done
* = Will not be included in the first release due to huge bugs/error issues

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